I became a craftsman with an electronic engineering degree as a background, and after having been employed for many years in various industries in the Vicenza area. Enough to ask some questions. Has it been a late calling? The reaction to an intolerance toward the industry environment which gained momentum with time? A sudden discovery of a latent creativity? Maybe all of that, but in the meantime the bigger thrust has been to see the opportunity to change a passion into a job. I always considered a privilege having fun while working, as I think that it is an incredible incentive to cope with difficulties which are underneath any human activity, with the light spirit owned by the one who loves his job.

A job born from a passion is a lucky exception from a statistic point of view. It's an opportunity which must be made the most of respecting the original idea, that is in my case the pulse to manufacture objects far from a consumer approach, things thought with love and made with devotion to last and to excel, widely using hand tools especially to finish details. Furniture and items with the mark of the human hand perfect imperfection, left to tell how and why they have been manufactured. 

"Without curiosity and a sense leading to the living richness that is in some woods, one will always remain something of an engineer, even as a successful craftsman.

Many successful craftsman are, alas, only engineers." 

James Krenov